Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worry, confuse, boring!

I have one year didn't touch this blog already.
There are a lot of things happened in my life within this year.
My life have been transferred from student life into working life.
I have worked for almost 3 months in JB.
The feeling is from excited, look forward, and started to change into boring, no motivation, insomnia and emo.
I don't like my life there, feel very empty and lost motivation in my life.
It is totally different with my expectation.
I don't know what should I do but I know I am the only one can change the situation.
I have to make a decision!
Leave or Stay?
If leave, should I go Singapore or Malacca?
If Stay, I want to move out!
I prefer to leave to a new company with similar job.
In fact, I might like my current job and working environment.
Just Maybe!
I also not sure about it..><
All I can do now is looking for a new job, decide everything after interview.
How I wish I can just run away from all these..
But Life is belong to us, we have the responsible to it!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Quite a long time i lazy to write anything here, although there are really many things happen in these days.
I was emo for last few weeks.
Keep thinking a lot of rubbish.
I know what happen to me, but I can't control myself, my feeling, negative thinking.
Lucky he has accompany me to pass through those bad times.
Thank for my dear hubby, even though he might not see this.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Recently, I am concentrated in a book called- SECRET.
It is really a nice book and teaches me a lot.
Last Sunday, I tried to apply the concept in my life.
This was the first time and I felt so amazing and unbelievable!
I imaging that there will be an empty parking special for me and an empty seat for me.
When I reached there, all of that become reality! So amazing right?!
Today, I used it again.
I imaging that there will be an empty parking for me in Jusco, and the parking will near to the entrance.
Again, there really an empty parking and near to the entrance!
WOW~ I want to apply it more to my life!
regard to my wealth, health and body~
Thanks, SECRET~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hubby's birthday~

WOW~ hv a long time din blogging..
last sunday was my hubby birthday~
I bring him to Portuguese Settlement to eat his flavor--CRAB!!
The black pepper crabs was delicious, he liked them very much~
After that we have a stroll there before we went back..
The mango juice is so nice!! We have drunk 4 glasses! hoho!
We reach home around 10 stg, I quickly took a bath and prepared to give him a surprise!
I keep telling him this year will not have birthday cake and we miss secret receipt and nadeje~
Then I took the cake and put candles on it when he went to take a bath~
He was so surprise when he went out from the bath room!hehe!
After making wishes, he blow the candles and we shared the cake with our housemate~
A warm birthday even there was no present but got a cake ~
It is not a piece of cake, is a ROUND and tiramisu cake!
Best wishes to my dear hubby~ I love u ~!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lonely~ I feel so lonely~

I feel so lonely yesterday, it is a kind of feeling which came suddenly. 
It maybe is because of hubby is not around. 
He went back to Kluang to celebrate birthday and father's day with family le.
I miss him badly, I don't know why.
Miss his hug hug and 'xiang xiang', hehe.
And of course he miss me badly even he do not admit! I know it!
I can't imaging when he graduate and leave here to work! 
I have to face everything myself. Everything have to do myself.
Now I realise he is so important in my heart.
Feel so lonely~~~~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Streamyx sales girl

Today is the first day that I set booth in front of ixora. 
I felt that those who work as this job is stupid, and today I successfully become this stupid.=.=
Actually it is an easy job since we juz sit there or stand with shouting "Sir(Miss), hv u apply streamyx?"
But I realize that most Chinese will not give us response, such a rude people.
I really don understand is giving a response so difficult? 
Nvm, I would bear in mind as they dun actually hurt me.hehe.
The boss told us that our commission will be 50% , quite a attractive point for me to be a hardworking staff!
I might get RM1000++ in my intern?! 
It is more than my frens a lot! Wu Hu!

Mayb I shouldn't be so angry ytd .
All I did today is actually related with my future. 
Sales, telemarketing, consumer behavior.
I want to learn more in my job! 
Gambateh again!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Angry will never be a solution!

Honestly, I m regret to take this job as my intern.
Why I hv to stay in campus even in intern?!
I m very very angry about it!
In such a bad weather, what will be happening to my body and face?!
I don't want be black anymore!
Such an idiot boss! Don't u think give us ur "TRUST" and let us to decide the place to set booth is better to us?!
I don't want to do this!!!!!!!!

What I can convince to myself is ' take it as a challenge and face it!'
I have no choice. What I can do is try to find stg funny in this job to let me love it again.
Angry will never be a solution.

Feel so sad. I have been working for so many days, finally got one day is empty, hubby is not around me, and he went to CC again.
I hate that place, he keep wasting his time in such an idiot place!
I need him, he always don understand that!
stupid guy.